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For a number of years customers have been using our sheep drench formulations for Alpacas.Following detailed research into minerals, trace elements & vitamins required for maintaining body function & performance Premier Camelid Drench was developed. This drench combines 11 macro-minerals &    trace elements with 13 vitamins. Animals should be drenched every 2—3 months at the rate of 30 ml per adult,10 ml per young cria.As all our products are formulated to our specification and are contract manufactured in the UK to the GMP & ISO 9001:2000 standards, we are able to keep
                                                                   our prices competitively low as our overheads
                                                                  are kept to a minimum.    
                                                                   The range of Premier drenches are formulated
                                                                   using only the best quality raw materials, and 
                                                                   contain highly available chelated elements of
                                                                   known molecular structure to help maximise 
                                                                   livestock performance.
                                                                   Organically Chelated Multi—Element Drench
                                                                   Unique Formula & Of Very High  Specification
                                                                   Ready To Use Easy Flow Formula
                                                                   Ideal For All Ages Of Camelids
                                                                   Very High Levels Of Vitamins D3 & B Group
                                                                   Helps Reduce Handling and Stress
                                                                   Help Maintain Fleece Quality
                                                                   Supplement at the critical time to help improve
                                                                   fleece quality
                                                                   A blend of 11 macro minerals and trace elements
                                                                   with 13 vitamins
                                                                  Available in
                                                                  1 ltr
A molassed mineral feeding stuff in a lick form for all Camelids.
A unique formulation high specification blend of over 15 essential trace elements and vitamins in a molassed lick.Helps maintain micronutrient and vitamin balance at all times.
Very high levels of vitamins D3 and E, ideal for all ages of camelids,allow access 24 hours a day to help individuals boost body reserves and help maintain fleece quality.
Fully weatherproofed any moisture that collects
on the bucket can be drunk by the animals.
                                                   Available in
                                                   10 kg
Premier Camelid Drench
Premier Camelid Mineral Bucket
A high specification mineral feeding stuff for all camelids not receiving a mineralised ration.
This is a unique,high specification in feed mineral supplement,specifically formulated after extensive research.
Contains 18 essential minerals and vitamins including high levels of vitamins D3 and E.
Feed at a maximum of 10gms per adult per day mixed well into ration or supplementary feed,accuracy is essential in home mixing,users of this product must be registered with the local trading standards office. Do not feed  to                                                                    sheep,horses or any other species.
                                                                    Ideal for use in home mix ration, un-mineralised
                                                                    protein feeds,sugar beet  pulp or grass nuts.
                                                                    This product may be used alongside Premier
                                                                    Camelid Drench and Premier Camelid Bucket
                                                                    as an aid in helping maintain livestock
                                                                    Use daily as a supplement to ensure all trace
                                                                    elements/vitamin levels are maintained.
                                                                     Available in
                                                                     5 kgs
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